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My 10 Best Tips for using Presets

My 10 Best Tips for using Presets

Are you new to Lightroom presets?! Then this is for you!

My 10 BEST tips for using my presets in no particular order:

1. Shoot RAW instead of jpeg

2. Get it right in camera first

3. The greatest asset as a photographer you can learn to master is LIGHT, any kind of light.

4. I use high luminance on a lot of presets, if you're not shooting raw, it can appear your image quality is less after a preset. It isn't. Adjust luminance.

5. Presets are 100% customizable.
-Too much contrast? Adjust your slider
-Not enough clarity ? Adjust your slider
-Need to go up on your blacks as the image feels too dark/heavy, adjust it.
-It feels too warm? Adjust your temp/WB. Skin looks orange? Adjust the orange saturation slider down and your temp.

Learn how to manipulate the preset to work for you. Any preset company that declares you'll only ever need to do a one click is doing you a complete disservice and quite simply is a scam. Do I get lucky with one clicks? Of course, but I have also created them so I know right where to go. Which is why asking questions in our photographer's education group is important! There are a huge amount of photographers that do an unbelievable job over and over and over with the presets, and are an absolute asset to the group for questions. Lean on each other.

Join our group:

6) WATCH THE VIDEOS that come with all the Create Crew sets. There is a 30 minute video of me editing using Rebel Queen, Desert Rose and Glam Film. Get cozy, grab a notebook and gain some valuable knowledge for using the presets.

7) Accepting that not every preset will work for every single photo. If that were the case I am doing you no justice in providing a true variety of presets given in different scenarios and styles.

8) Pay attention to the example images and the light that was used, including time of day and location.

9) Find the ones that work best for you and your style and stick with them to avoid decision fatigue.

10) Swallow your pride, post the SOOC along with the edited that you are struggling with and ask for help. That's what we are here for!!

I would love to hear your questions if you have any!!
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Below was edited using Rebel Queen from Create Crew Co.



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