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Growth Accelerator

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Growth Accelerator

The "Growth Accelerator" is our most popular offering, meticulously crafted for forward-thinking brands poised to excel in the digital arena. This comprehensive package ensures a sustained presence with impactful content that resonates deeply with your audience.

Receive an initial on boarding Brand Discovery Meeting: A dedicated session each month to
realign with the brand's goals, achievements, and challenges. This ensures content remains
relevant and resonant.

Package Inclusions

In-Person Captures: Benefit from two 1-hour photography sessions, coupled with the creation of short reels and/or TikToks, all captured authentically via iPhone, chronicling pivotal business moments.

Strategic Content Planning: Enhance your brand with our curated monthly calendar, featuring thematically organized topics for a cohesive brand story.

Interactive Content Creation: Diversify your brand's outreach with a plethora of post designs, including informative pieces, behind-the-scenes glimpses, brand spotlights, engagement-centric content, actionable posts, and much more.

Content Volume: Receive a blend of 14 foundational posts complemented by an additional 8, specifically tailored for platforms like short Reels and TikTok, ensuring your brand's voice and values are consistently represented (22 posts in total).

Hashtag Optimization: Elevate your brand's visibility with a curated set of 20 high-engagement hashtags.

Connectivity: Stay aligned and informed with a monthly virtual check-in and bi-weekly updates via Slack, fostering transparent communication and consistent momentum.

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