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How do I log in to my account?

For Create Crew Co subscriptions
You will access your account here: Account Area

For Create Crew Co purchases prior to July 2021
Accounts were not required to complete your purchase. Since we use a separate download provider your account would only show your purchases, no download links.

If you did not create an account during checkout, then an account does not exist for you. You may request an account invitation using our Contact Form, please include your purchase name and email and/or order number. 

You may access your account here: Account

If you need your download link reset please use our Contact Form and include your order number and/or email address.


How do I find my Lightroom Version number?

  • Mac OS: Choose Lightroom > About Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  • Windows: Choose Help > About Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


How do I know whether I have Lightroom Classic or CC?

  • Lightroom Classic: Preset panel is on the left.
  • Lightroom CC: Preset panel is on the right.


How do I know if my Lightroom will work?

Adobe's numbering system, naming and split of Lightroom to Classic and CC does add some confusion to the mix. LR 6.4 and 6.8 are actually Classic CC (it was called just CC at that time, but is not the CC of today), they are from 2017 I believe. It was October 2017 when we got the two different versions and at that point Classic was at 6.13. Those will not accept XMP presets, they require LRT presets. 

In April of 2018 Adobe switched to XMP from LRTEMPLATE. At that point we had Classic 7.3 and CC 1.3, these are the oldest versions of Lightroom that will accept the XMP presets. Anything newer than this will work just fine. These versions will also accept the LRT presets, though the install process is different.

If you are not subscribing to Creative Cloud, then your version is most likely not new enough for XMP presets. If you are subscribing, then we need to check version number to make sure you are at 7.3+/1.3+. LRT presets will install in any version of Lightroom.

Accessing Lightroom via your internet browser is NOT the same as having Lightroom on your computer. This is simply another way to access the Lightroom Mobile app.


What should I purchase?

Our presets are made with the most recent version of Lightroom, for that reason they are not always backward compatible. Most Collections will only be available in XMP format. You MUST have at minimum Lightroom Classic 7.3 (April 2018) or CC 1.3 (April 2018) in order to use XMP Lightroom Presets. Our product description will let you know if we are providing the older LRTEMPLATE files.

If you use ACR we ask that you have Photoshop CC 2018, version 19.1.8 or newer. We can not guarantee the presets will work in anything older.

If you ONLY have Lightroom Mobile and DO NOT have Lightroom CC 1.4+, then you will need the Mobile specific files. Desktop Presets installed in Lightroom CC 1.4+ will sync to mobile via Adobe Cloud.


Will these work on my phone/iPad?

These presets are made for the desktop versions of Lightroom.

If you DO NOT have Lightroom installed on your computer, do not purchase presets here. Please see our mobile specific shop, Lifestyle Mobile Presets.

If you DO own Lightroom, please check which Lightroom and the version. Presets imported into Lightroom CC 1.4 or newer can be sync'd to the Lightroom Mobile App. No other version of Lightroom will sync, only Lightroom CC 1.4+. If you own this version of Lightroom, it's easiest to purchase desktop presets here and sync them to mobile. The import process is easier and there are many more preset options. Just make sure your desktop LR CC is signed in to the same Adobe account as your mobile app and that both are set to sync. Import the presets on your computer and wait patiently for them to show up on your phone.



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